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The SIS Primary Curriculum primarily adopts the Singapore system which focuses on the three learning domains.
Life Skills, Knowledge Skills and Content based learning which ensures the acquisition of knowledge, values mastery and competency to enable students to face the challenges of our dynamic world.

- General characteristics of the SIS Primary Curriculum

The Curriculum aims to develop the whole child, jot jus their academic abilities. Students are encouraged to develop their own unique understanding of concepts through a variety of theoretical and practical methods, rather tan simply memorizing the textbook explanation. It is child-centred : theacher constantly try to assess the individual child's abilities, prior knowledge and learning progress in order to helt them develop their understanding. Assessment is not an alim in itself, but rather a tool used to increase learning(formative) and to assess how much has been learnt(summative), hence teaching to the test is discouraged.

- Learning Out comes

At the end of the Primary School, we expect the students to be able toseek processes and apply knowledge, be morally upright and understanding and respect cultural differences, be willing to strive and take pride in their work, be independent and confident learners, have a lively curiosity about things and cultivate healthy habits. Think globally / internationallly, but be loyal to one's nationallity. Make links across different areas, generate, develop evaluate ideas. Communicate and persent ideas clearly and coherntly to specific audiendes. Value working with others through teamworks. As part of the holistic education the SIS Primary crriculm also provides opportunities for students to excel in Sports and the Arts.

- Subjects Offered

The following are the subjects the support the curriculum:



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